A collection of topics, otherwise called categories.

CSS (1)

Understanding em vs rem and px Values

Understanding the difference between em, rem and px values. How to use em and rem, translating to pixel values, advantages and when to use em or rem.

Databases (1)

Unable to Import SQL File to phpMyAdmin

How to fix maximum file size exceeded error when attempting to import SQL file.

JQuery (2)

Using jQuery to Change Elements and CSS

Basic jQuery functions for manipulating elements.

Working with AJAX

A quick intro to using AJAX to save data on the fly without a page refresh.

Linux (1)

Configuring a Linux Server - Part 1

Simple walkthrough of setting up a linux server. Basic introduction to Ubuntu LTS 14.04 installation options.

PHP (1)

Working with Composer

A short introduction to composer. How to install composer, commmon installation errors and basic usage. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP.

Ruby (1)

22 Ruby Programming Language Examples

Ruby is an open source language focused on simplicity. It provides syntax that is easy to read and compose. 22 Ruby Examples to cover everything you need to ...

Security (1)

Setting up HTTPS (SSL) on GitHub Pages through CloudFlare

Learn how to set up GitHub Pages on HTTPS (SSL/TLS) through CloudFlare. Get a FREE SSL with CloudFlare and add HTTPS to your site.

Security Research (5)

Diving into Security Research 1 - Introduction

An attempt to explore the vastly complex world of security.

Diving into Security Research 2 - Identities and Vulnerabilities

Defining identity abilities, security and the overall landscape.

Diving into Security Research 3 - Defense in Depth

A brief overview of the Defense in Depth principle and the Zero Trust Security Model

Diving into Security Research 4 - Know Your Enemy

Exploring the security landscape of today. NORSE, Bugs and Vulnerabilities, Common Types of Malware.

Diving into Security Research 5 - Understanding Phishing Attacks

Understanding phishing attacks. What is phishing? How do these attacks occur? Preventing phishing attacks.